Welcome to LAIS-2012


Dear LAIS2012 participants,
Firstly many thanks for coming to LAIS2012, Lisbon. We hope everything was to your satisfaction and that you will attend LAIS2015, Paris.
Please find under “hot topics”: a) a .pdf of the LAIS2012 Book of Abstracts, updated to include the last minute changes in the Participants, and Program; b) the LAIS2012 conference photos, which may be viewed as a slide show or saved to your computer; c) details of the 17th International Conference on Solid State Dosimetry, which will take place in Recife, Brazil, in 2013. On a separate page “proceedings” have been added details of the LAIS2012 proceedings, a guide for authors with links to the MAA journal, and the timeline for submission and publication.
Warm regards and thanks again,
Chris Burbidge
On behalf of L.A.I.S. 2012 Organizing Committee
I. Liritzis, L.A.I.S. President

The 2nd Luminescence in Archaeology International Symposium will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 5th to the 7th of September, 2012. It will be hosted by the Group of Applied Geochemistry & Luminescence on Cultural Heritage (GeoLuC), Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear, Sacavém, Portugal.

L.A.I.S. is an international initiative focussing on the use of luminescence for the dating and analysis of materials and questions of archaeological significance; in addition it supports archaeological and archaeometrical communities of the World to further develop and expose luminescence issues.

L.A.I.S. 2012 continues the series of symposia initiated in Delphi 2009, which focus on presentation and exploration of the potentialities and limitations of luminescence dating and related analyses, for materials and questions of archaeological and cultural heritage significance. LA.I.S. Symposia aim at bringing together experts in the fields of luminescence, archaeology and archaeological materials from around the world for the exchange of knowledge.

Presentations are invited to focus on either contextual, methodological or phenomenological aspects of luminescence studies in archaeology and cultural heritage, including dating and material characterisation. For LAIS 2012 presentations are invited to address archaeological issues related to the following broad themes: megaliths and megalithism; ceramics, glass and vitreous materials; reconstruction of environments in archaeological sites.

Oral and poster presentations based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach are encouraged (i.e. co-authorship by luminescence specialists, archaeologists, archaeometrists, (geo)chemists, geomorphologists, geologists, palaeoenvironmentalists, physicists), as are applications for oral presentations by students.

Articles based on oral and poster presentations will be eligible for submission to a special issue of Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry for peer reviewed publication.

C.I. Burbidge,
Inv.Aux.Contr. Fisica Aplicada,

On behalf of
I. Liritzis
L.A.I.S. President