Conference scope


Presentations will explore the analysis of archaeological and art-historical materials, natural materials contextualizing them or modern analogues, using luminescence signals. Sessions will be organised according to the following archaeological themes and technical foci:

  • Theme 1 - Megaliths and megalithism;
  • Theme 2 - Ceramics, glass and vitreous materials;
  • Theme 3 - Reconstruction of environments in archaeological sites.

Focus 1 - Context


The focal issue will relate to the context in or to which the analyses are applied, and its implications for the methods and materials used. The context may be the physical archaeological remains, the theoretical/historical frameworks, or the organisational means for the work (e.g. "research or rescue").

Focus 2 - Method


The focal issue will relate to the analytical methodology. Presentations may describe the testing, evaluation, refinement or development of techniques, methods or instrumentation, and implications for their archaeological application. The methods may be for luminescence, radiation, or (geo)chemical measurement; absorbed dose, dose-rate, or age estimation as a whole.

Focus 3 - Phenomenon


The focal issue will relate to the understanding of material characteristics and behaviours. Presentations may relate physical and (geo)chemical phenomena to archaeological realities, through controlled experimental studies and/or examination of theories or models of luminescence and dosimetric processes.

Oral and poster presentations based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach are encouraged (i.e. co-authorship by luminescence specialists, archaeologists, archaeometrists, (geo)chemists, geomorphologists, geologists, palaeoenvironmentalists, physicists), as are applications for oral presentations by students.

The objectives of presentations should be to define a problem and its relevance to the field of study, then describe how it is being addressed and indicate the impacts and potentialities of this work. Senior practitioners of luminescence in archaeology will be invited to present overviews of selected topics.

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