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On Thursday afternoon, 6th of September, participants will be taken by bus directly to the Sé (See) of Lisbon in the city centre. A functioning place of worship under the auspices of the Patriacardo de Lisboa the Sé is the oldest church in the city, having been founded on the site of an earlier mosque following the Christian re-conquest of Lisbon in the 12th Century. In addition to the history, architecture and materials of the church and cloisters, it contains an exhibit of historic ecclesiastical articles in halls lined with painted canvases. The cloisters contain an area of open archaeological excavations exhibiting sequences of occupation from the Iron Age onwards.

From the Sé, narrow streets of richly tiled Pombaline buildings lead, via the preserved excavations of a Roman Theatre, to the Castelo São Jorge. While focussed on the 11th century Moorish fortification, with alterations until the 19th century, the castle and its grounds encompass a museum, an open excavation of Prehistoric and Moorish occupation levels, the ruins of the former Royal Palace of the Alcáçova. They also offer fine views over the city and bay, as well as opportunities for refreshment.

Conference Dinner


Rua da Madalena 265 1100 Lisboa, Portugal

The conference dinner will be held at the Restaurante Cervejaria Baleal in the "Baixa de Lisboa" (downtown Lisbon), following the visits. It is a traditional Portuguese restaurant serving quality dishes and specializing in sea-food, located just downhill from the Sé-Cathedral and Castelo São Jorge, close to Rossio and Baixa-Chiado metro stations.

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