Arrival by air


Lisbon International Airport (LIS), Portela, is the main airport serving the region. It is located approximately 8 km from ITN and 7 km from Lisbon city centre.
Transport to or from the airport is presently by taxi or bus (22 to Roma Areeiro, 44 to Oriente/Parque das Nações, or Airport Express to City Centre or Oriente/Parque das Nações). A new metro line serving the airport is due to be inaugurated during 2012.

Transport to and from ITN


Transport to and from ITN is best accomplished by means of the suburban train network.
ITN is 3 minutes walk from Bobadela train station.

6 trains per hour run to/from Bobadela at peak times (07:00-09:30, 17:00-19:30), 2 at off-peak times To get directly to Bobadela from Roma-Areeiro (journey time approx. 20 min), use trains with destinations Alverca and Azambuja (plus destination Castanheira do Ribatejo from Oriente or Santa Apolonia) To get directly to Roma-Areeiro from Bobadela, use trains with destinations Sintra and Alcantara Terra (plus destination Santa Apolonia to Oriente or Santa Apolonia) For those wishing to stay in the centre of Lisbon or to transfer to the train at Oriente, the Lisbon metro system is conveniently inter-linked with the suburban train network, but the journey time will be longer.

The same rechargeable ticket, "Via Viagem", can be used on public transport in greater Lisbon (bus, tram, metro, suburban trains: not tourist services or airport express). To mix freely between transport modes, "Zapping", it must be charged with a cash values rather than with a number of journeys using a particular mode. All tickets must be validated on entry to stations/lines/busses by swiping a detector, subject to a fine.

New Metro Line From Lisbon Airport
A new Metro line extension has just opened between Lisbon Airport and the hotel locations. This now offers the best combination of simplicity and value for transport to and from the Airport, unless you are travelling in a large group, when a taxi may still be slightly more economic. The line goes direct to the area of more expensive hotels in Parque das Nações, but passes close to Roma-Areero (1 change of metro line required at Alameda station). Note that line changes on the metro make part of the same journey (so long as you stay in the station), but changing from the metro to the suburban train network still constitutes 2 journeys.

For those arriving by car (coords 38°48'41.06"N / 09° 5'36.10"W) parking is available within the ITN site, but advance notice must be given since vehicle/owner details are required in order for it to be admitted. Alternatively, a large car park pertaining to a local hypermarket is located opposite ITN.

Conference Auditorium


The Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear is a government research institute with 50 years of contribution to the development of knowledge in collaboration with the scientific community in Portugal and internationally. ITN is based in a scenic 10 ha science park next to the town of Bobadela at the doorway to Lisbon and is well served by main road, rail and air networks.

Oral presentations will be made in the fully equipped 156 seat auditorium located in the library building of ITN. Poster presentations will be made in an adjacent room.

Luncheon, and refreshments during breaks between sessions will be served in the "VIP Room" of the ITN Canteen, adjacent to the Library Building.